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I’m featured in (local NPR Affiliate) KUOW’s Primed: Season 3, Episode 8. I appreciate how the sense of fun that many security people bring to their work comes through. For me, it was fun learning about how Elevation of Privilege works for non-techies. (Spoiler: not super-well, you need to select the cards pretty carefully. Maybe…

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Earlier this year, I helped to organize a workshop at Schloss Dagstuhl on Empirical Evaluation of Secure Development Processes. I think the workshop was a tremendous success, we’ve already seen publications inspired by it, such as Moving Fast and Breaking Things: How to stop crashing more than twice, and I know there’s more forthcoming. I’m…

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Over the years, a number of people set up Feedburner accounts to proxy RSS from our blogs into their system. I generally have no issue with people reading how they choose, but I cannot provide support or management. Google is end of lifing the old Feedburner, and for those of you reading via Feedburner RSS, I humbly ask that you update to or (with comments).