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How to Blog a Talk

Blogging about your own presentations is tough. Some people post their slides, but slides are not essays, and often make little sense without the speaker.

I really like what Chris Hoff did in his blog post, “Security and Disruptive Innovation Part I: The Setup.”


I did something similar after “Security Breaches Are Good for You: My Shmoocon talk.” I posted a PDF of the slides. I think the PDF is less effective, because you can’t skim it, search it, or excerpt it as easily as with Hoff’s HTML version.

Nice work, Chris!

2 comments on "How to Blog a Talk"

  • Thanks Adam.
    I was struggling with how to make sure that things would make sense. As I improve my slideware and they become talking points, sometimes they are difficult to “get” without a narrative.
    I think this worked out OK.
    Thanks a bunch.

  • Mikey says:

    Yeah, this is a very very cool blog. 😉
    I just added you to my favorites.

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