I’m featured in (local NPR Affiliate) KUOW’s Primed: Season 3, Episode 8. I appreciate how the sense of fun that many security people bring to their work comes through. For me, it was fun learning about how Elevation of Privilege works for non-techies. (Spoiler: not super-well, you need to select the cards pretty carefully. Maybe…

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I did a podcast with Mark Miller over at DevSecOps days. It was a fun conversation, and you can have a listen at “Anticipating Failure through Threat Modeling w/ Adam Shostack.”

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Ron Woerner had me on as a guest in his business of security podcast series. It was fun to tease out some of the business justifications for threat modeling, and the podcast is now live at itunes. You can learn more about the series at Business of Security Podcast Series.

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There’s a really interesting podcast with Robert Hurlbut Chris Romeo and Tony UcedaVelez on the PASTA approach to threat modeling. The whole podcast is interesting, especially hearing Chris and Tony discuss how an organization went from STRIDE to CAPEC and back again. There’s a section where they discuss the idea of “think like an attacker,”…

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