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The Cybok project has released its v1 “Risk Management & Governance Knowledge Area”; I was a reviewer. Towards Automated Security Design Flaw Detection is an interesting paper from academics in Belgium and Sweden. Steve Lipner offers “Lessons learned through 15 years of SDL at work“ Charles Wilson has perspective on threat modeling devices in “Does…

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There’s a new draft available from NIST, “Mitigating the Risk of Software Vulnerabilities by Adopting a Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF).” They are accepting comments through August 5th.

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“Safety First For Automated Driving” is a big, over-arching whitepaper from a dozen automotive manufacturers and suppliers. One way to read it is that those disciplines have strongly developed safety cultures, which generally do not consider cybersecurity problems. This paper is the cybersecurity specialists making the argument that cyber will fit into safety, and how…

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Omer Levi Hevroni has a very interesting post exploring ways to represent threat models as code. The closer threat modeling practices are to engineering practices already in place, the more it will be impactful, and the more it will be a standard part of delivery. There’s interesting work in both transforming threat modeling thinking into…

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