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Elevation of Privilege: the Threat Modeling Game

In my work blog: “Announcing Elevation of Privilege: The Threat Modeling Game.”

After RSA, I’ll have more to say about how it came about, how it helps you and how it helps more chaos emerge. But if you’re here, you should come get a deck at the Microsoft booth (1500 row).

One comment on "Elevation of Privilege: the Threat Modeling Game"

  • Richard Johnson says:

    Wish the video advertised on the EoP site worked.

    It requires an install of yet another agent of exploit, however. One agent that we have to rip out of default installs (Flash, feh) is bad enough. We’re not about to be putting Silverlight on; it’ll just be yet another mess we have to constantly update.

    Suggest you have the video provided as a downloadable file instead.

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