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What Did Fox TV Know and When Did They Know It?

Scrivener has an interesting post about an episode of ‘Family Guy’ that shows Osama bin Laden bypassing airport security with a song and dance routine.

“This was all quite amusing in 2000. Does it mean anything in retrospect? You decide.”

One comment on "What Did Fox TV Know and When Did They Know It?"

  • Iang says:

    I have quite an extensive DVD collection, mostly slanted towards hollywood action genre, the sort of mindless entertainment one desires after a hard day’s coding. A non-trivial percentage of those relate to a theme of terrorists attacking America; far more than one would expect for a country that had not experienced serious terrorism beforehand.
    For example, the _Die Hard_ trilogy is “all about terrorists” all of which have their parallels to the events of 9/11 – sky scrapers, aircraft, Manhattan. Bruce Willis stars in two other movies that have a substantial terrorism plot (something about NY being shut down, and the start of _Mercury Rising_).
    At the time I speculated whether such movies would be withdrawn or re-released or something. I’m not sure what else to make of this observation.
    I think about all one can say is if Hollywood found it so fascinating, then the information was certainly there and widespread. Even though many may have been surprised, Hollywood had been working on the concept seriously for a decade, and they must have got the notion from somewhere.

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