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John Robb on the Next Attack

John Robb has some very interesting thoughts on the next major al Qaeda attack on the United States in “The Next Attacks on America:”

The impact of these attacks, particularly if they are numerous (attracting copycats?) and spread out over an extended period of time will be severe. Given their lack of symbolic content (and the potential that they will be relatively anonymous), the moral benefit to US cohesion will be small. Initial outrage against the attackers will quickly turn against the government itself, with severe repercussions (particularly if the government’s response is crude and deemed ineffective).

I’ve also added John’s Global Guerrillas blog to the blogroll, because he’s been on a roll with insightful stuff. Since I limit the blogroll to twenty (copying Kip Esquire’s plan) I had to remove someone, and decided to remove, based on a lack of posting volume. It feels bad to be removing a blog, and I may consider a different policy, like only adding one blog a month to the roll.

[Update: Cancel that cancellation. I should have listened to my gut. Having read Guy Kawasaki’s “How to Suck Up to A Blogger,” I realized I was doing little but hurting Mario, and myself by copying Kip’s Elite Eleven policy. I’ve put Mario back in the blogroll, and will try to control bloat by adding no more than one blog a month.]

One comment on "John Robb on the Next Attack"

  • hoseloader says:

    regarding terrorist attacks on US soil. Remember what UBL said in an early broadcast when he was still in Afghanistan. “they are killing the women and children of Afghanistan”
    I believe the next attack on US soil will be against our women and children. Schools, Colleges etc, easy targets, no security.

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