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Anarchy in the UK


* Readers are invited to comment on the contrast.

Thanks to Ant, Cat and Steven Murdoch for links. Image: Teton dam, Wikipedia.

3 comments on "Anarchy in the UK"

  • Chris says:

    Public to NHS: “We got a problem, the problem is you, so watcha gonna do?” :^)

  • David French says:

    From an IT professional viewpoint, I am appalled that such lack of consideration for private information is shown by government departments and others with scant regard for laws or good practice. However, there is little evidence of widespread concern or outrage in the general public.
    Are MPs and ministers being questioned by their constituents about penalties, rights of redress etc? Are people refusing to co-operate with information gatherers?

  • beri says:

    It’s interesting to watch what is going on in the UK. they have “security” cameras on every corner but cannot seem to hold onto a computer disk. Maybe they should look at the camera tapes to find out what happened to the disk.

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