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All Privacy Invasion Fears Come True: Thanks, Alec

urinals.jpgIn March of 2005, Alec Muffett predicted “National loyalty cards,” and I mocked him for it. Since then, I’ve decided that all non-trivial privacy fears come true. And since then, Alec’s plan has taken another step.

The BBC reports about a new “Blair plan for ‘people’s panels’.” No, I didn’t make that up, Comrade. He really called them people’s panels, and the BBC tells us:

They will look at how retailers, such as supermarket giant Tesco, use loyalty cards to create databases of their clients and tailor-make services for them based on the information gathered.

That’s one of the three ‘major ideas’ they’re looking at. Apparently Parliament isn’t sufficiently obsequious any more.

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  • Senor Miranda says:

    I, for one, welcome our new purchase history examining overlords, and remind them that I can be useful in recruiting workers to toil in their data mines.

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