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State of Rhode Island, 4,118 or 53,000 CC, Hacker

Thousands of credit card numbers were stolen from a state government Web site that allows residents to register their cars and buy state permits, authorities said Friday.

The private company that runs said that 4,118 credit card numbers had probably been taken, a state official said. All online transactions were suspended Friday until any possible security problems could be fixed.

The breach was uncovered when a security company discovered a Web site in Russian, Najarian said. The author claimed he obtained 53,000 credit card numbers.

Loring said Web site was breached on Dec. 28, and far fewer than 53,000 numbers were stolen. She said the company notified credit card companies of the breach, but did not notify card holders.

From the AP, via techdirt, who ask, “So, if the government is out fining those, like ChoicePoint, who leak data to criminals, what do they do when they’re the ones doing the leaking?”

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  • Chris Walsh says:

    As one who lived in RI for several years, I can assure you that you do not want to know what is done to demonstrably ineffective governmental organizations or individuals :^)

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