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Marketing Points Fingers

whip.jpgOver at the CSO blog “Brand Loyalty Hinges On Security,” we learn that:

In 2005, more than 52 million account records were reportedly stolen or misplaced, according to a study by CMO Council and Opinion Research.

“Security is what I call the 800-pound gorilla of reputation,” Jeffrey Resnick, EVP and global managing director of Opinion Research, told ClickZ. “Clearly, consumers are very concerned about security, and when they have security issues during a transaction, they don’t hesitate to stop the transaction. Consumers feel corporations have a responsibility to provide end-to-end security.”

Oh, is that what brand depends on? I thought it depended on consistently making products that fit the messages you’re sending, and vice versa. I thought it depended on understanding the problem that customers will pay you to solve, and how your product compares to others.

Good to know that the marketing folks have found a new whipping boy, because they’re certainly not going to stop with the HTML emails, the abuse of the lock icon, the strange domain names, or any of the other things which make it literally impossible for experts to distinguish real web sites from the fakes.

Photo: Whip by Viola Jen.