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Choicepoint, March 18

  • ChoicePoint’s data bonanza lures thieves
    , in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

  • The Q Speaks asks what have we wrought in “ID theft writ large
  • In another example of what we have wrought, “the Fairfax County’s School Board awarded a contract Thursday night to ChoicePoint, Inc., for testing student athletes and bus drivers for drug and alcohol use.” (Story in “The Connection newspaper.)”

    Regardless of if you think this testing is a good idea, the students whose names, addresses, and social security numbers will be sent to Choicepoint have no say in the matter. The bus drivers might quit, but what are the students to do? Drop out of school?

  • Fear of ID theft is on the rise, according to the Ponemon institute, according to a story in GlobeTechnology.
  • Finally, today’s Two Minutes Hate comes to you from … Now I’m Pissed.