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New York Times Links

Aaron Swartz has produced a link generator for the New York Times. It takes a URL and makes it archival, so that it doesn’t expire, and you should be able to visit it after two weeks are up. Its a lazy Saturday afternoon; Atlanta is shut down by the half inch of snow that fell last night, so what the heck. I’ll post some stats in just a minute, but wanted to explain why old posts are (probably) going back into the RSS queue. [Update: It seems they’re not.]

I’ve written 421 posts, an average of just over 2½ per day. Of those, 31, 7.3% included links to the Times. Of those 31, 4, 12.9% did not have perma-links available. One, on Kerik for DHS, relied on an associated press story. The other 3 were: Perverse Incentives, Bin Laden Unit downsided?, and Airport Screening Still Fails Tests. All three touch on secrecy in government. Oh, the irony!

And finally, Aaron, you rock. Your code took all my fugly url pastes and made them clean again. And a nod to the editors of the Times, for trying to remain the newspaper of record.