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Choicepoint, March 22/23

  • The Daily Caveat rounds up the five shareholder lawsuits against Choicepoint.
  • The Atlanta Business Journal has an article on Choicepoint’s executive compensation.
  • Kim Zetter at Wired has a 3 page story on Choicepoint’s Checks Under Fire.
  • CNN reports that only 11% of id theft occurs online.

    Well, actually, there might be some methodological problems. It’s hard to tell, since the survey costs $1,500. First, consumers often have mistaken information about security issues. Second, its not clear if this was a survey of consumers who had suffered ID theft, or if second-hand data was accepted. No comparison to FTC data is provided.

    The telephone survey of 4,000 consumers was done by the Better Business Bureau, and funded by eMarketer online. I called Sheila Adkins, CBBB’s Associate Director, Public Affairs, but have not heard back., who called back, and gave me other folks to talk to. Not yet sure if I’ll track this down for analysis.

  • LiberalDesert writes about how the Social Security administration has better customer service than the big three credit agencies.
  • Finally, today’s Two Minutes Hate, while not really Choicepoint related, comes to you from … Freedom is Slavery. How could I argue with MinTrue?

The best way to see all my Choicepoint posts is probably the category archive for Choicepoint.