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Flogging The Simian Is Back

In “A Life, Observed,” I mentioned that I’d been enjoying “Flogging The Simian,” and that she’d left due to privacy issues. Well, she’s back, and so are her “PDBs,” her summaries of what’s interesting: ‘” read approximately 50 newspapers every morning and report what I find there, with an emphasis on foreign or international events.” I usually find stuff I’d otherwise miss.

2 comments on "Flogging The Simian Is Back"

  • allan says:

    What an amazing blog. That’s going on my daily reading, right after Slate’s “Today’s Papers.”
    For my US-centric mind, the bit on Kenya jumped off the page: because the US/UK alliance misled the world on Iraq, allegations of a courrupt Kenyan official (not that much of a stretch, given the past 7 years) by the two nations can be handily dismissed. True charges or not, it’s a fascinating piece of evidence on the extent to which the effects of a damaged reputation can permeate.

  • PSoTD says:

    Soj needs to get the word out a bit better about the return of FTS. I suspect most don’t yet know it’s live again.

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