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Ahem: The New School is more than Data

In “Why The New School Is Important,” Alex writes:

Being New School won’t solve your problems. What a New School mindset will do for you is help you begin to understand what your problems actually are.

So without arguing with the rest of Alex’s post, I’m forced to beg to differ. The New School is about more than just data. I will commend to your attention chapter 5, “Amateurs study Cryptography, Professionals Study Economics.” I won’t claim that the New School will solve all your problems (see chapter 7, “Life in The New School”), but learning from other professions will enable us to do more than understand what our problems are. It will help us get out of the echo chamber and local minimas that hold us back from solving problems.

2 comments on "Ahem: The New School is more than Data"

  • Alex says:

    Point taken. There was not a smooth literary transition from the “metrics non-believer” part of the post to the New School aspect. And I suppose I take for granted that part of this is seeking inspiration from other disciplines.

  • adamo says:

    I think chapter 5 is the best chapter of the book. From its title to its final dot.

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