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From The Mouths of Toymakers

We all understand that Ryan Singel deserves a break from reporting on stories like “TSA Chief Nixes Commercial Databases” or “Advisory Panel: Delay Secure Flight” or even “[TSA] Advisory Panel Report Made Public.” Reporting on the duckspeakers and their plans to grope us all in the name of liberty is enough to wear anyone down. Despite that, folks like Ed Hasbrouck keep going, with posts like “Whither “Secure Flight”?” as does Daniel Solove, in “TSA for Tots and Scaling Back Secure Flight.”

Lord knows that the General Accounting Office accusing the TSA of lawbreaking isn’t enough. Close congressional scrutiny isn’t enough to slow these folks down. No, they have your best interests at heart, and nothing is going to derail their good intentions.

Maybe that’s why, in releasing their “Security Check-in” product, Mattel chose to re-imagine the white, jacketless TSA uniforms with black jackets and a cap that could well have an eagle and swastika on it. [Since my links are usually pretty direct, I’ll add that you might find the ironic linking in this paragraph either clarifying or entertaining.]

So I’m glad Ryan had a chance to visit a toystore, and find “Toys for All the Boys and Girls.”

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