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Small Bits of Chaos

The Globe and Mail has a good story on how copyright law is preventing the re-release of “Eyes On the Prize:”

The makers of the series no longer have permission for the archival footage they previously used of such key events as the historic protest marches or the confrontations with Southern police. Given Eyes on the Prize’s tight budget, typical of any documentary, its filmmakers could barely afford the minimum five-year rights for use of the clips. That permission has long since expired, and the $250,000 to $500,000 needed to clear the numerous copyrights involved is proving too expensive.

JihadWatch is covering the story of a religious murder in New Jersey, and how the media is mis-reporting it:

[L]ast Friday a whole family of four was slain in their own home. Their throats were slit. They were stabbed and brutally murdered. Yet no one said a word. An Egyptian American man 47, his wife 37 and his two daughters 16 and 8 were all found dead, soaked in their own blood at their New Jersey home today. The jewelry was not missing. Burglary has been ruled out. The police suspect only one motive: “religious hate”.

Finally, Matt Curtin doesn’t have a blog, but he has Ergo Sum