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Choicepoint Roundup, March 14

  • Omari Norman takes issue with the term identity theft. It’s a good point. Paul Syverson has pointed out that correct terms are “fraud,” “misrepresentation” and “libel,” but those don’t seem to have caught on.
  • This ABC News story about how Americans think there’s too much government secrecy doesn’t relate directly to Choicepoint, except the government outsources lots of things to secretive companies to protect those activities from Freedom of Information Act requests, or other forms of government oversight.
  • Cagle’s professional cartoon index on Slate has a series of editorial cartoons on Identity Theft. (From Pipeda, via Privacy Digest.)
  • This Palm Beach Post article discusses the unfortunate tension between open records, which are important to a democracy, and privacy, which is important to a democracy.
  • And finally, today’s Two Minutes Hate is brought to you by Bushout, who suggests that Harley Sorenson has been fired for speaking against Choicepoint.

    In unrelated news, Adam Shostack will no longer be writing for this blog.

I’ve collected my previous Choicepoint coverage.