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Suntrust, 75? SSNs, Employee Jonathan Bryan Adair

This post updated to replace the Suntrust logo with “You can’t shut me up by Jennifer Moo, after a bunch of bozos called “Internet Identity” sent vaguely scary letters that chilled my web hosting company.


The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that “Ex-SunTrust employee charged in check scam.” (Use Bugmenot for a login.):

The U.S. attorney’s office and the FBI said Jonathan Bryan Adair, 23, of Atlanta, is accused of giving information about customers with more than $5,000 in their accounts to Ayyub Abdul Khaliq Cornelius, 32, of Atlanta. Both men are named in an indictment charging conspiracy, bank fraud and identity theft.

Armed with the account information, the indictment charges, Cornelius used five other people to cash fraudulent checks totaling about $150,000.

The scheme was carried out from December 2004 to late May of this year, authorities said. It began with stolen checks, Social Security and driver’s license numbers, dates of birth, signature cards and balance amounts of SunTrust account holders.

Also, Cornelius is accused of “making” phony ID, but no word on if that’s forgery or issuance fraud.

2 comments on "Suntrust, 75? SSNs, Employee Jonathan Bryan Adair"

  • Jennifer Adair says:

    This article is bogus! Those accusations are outrageous, they’re false. I’ve know Jonathan for many years and he would never do anthing to jeopardize himself, his family, or his job!

  • Adam says:

    People we know well often surprise us. Has the US attorney’s office dropped the charges? If so, I’ll happily note that in a new article.

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