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Small Bits of Chaos: Conferences and What Would Dylan Do?

This Concealled I conference in Ottawa March 4-5 looks really good.

Bob Dylan joins the cypherpunks in skipping Woodstock for his trig homework:
I wouldn’t even think about playing music if I was born in these times… I’d probably turn to something like mathematics.” (NME, via Scrivner.)

Who did this: Privacy Enhancing Technologies, May 30-June 1. Security and Economics, June 2-3. Feh.

One comment on "Small Bits of Chaos: Conferences and What Would Dylan Do?"

  • Jean Camp says:

    It was me. I am flying back overnight. I had rooms booked in May but then Larry put together his conference the week I had booked. So I had to move WEIS.
    I think I am moving the reception to June 2, for other people also flying back late.
    My bad. Whole committee bad. We bad.

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