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Credentica White Paper & Presentation

The title of Stefan Brands’ blog post, “New Credentica white paper and other materials,” pretty much says it all. If you think about identity management, you should go check these out.

Our white paper discusses all of the features of the U-Prove SDK without going into technical detail. The basic features are: transient ID Tokens; long-lived ID Tokens; protection against forgery, modification, eavesdropping, and phishing; universally unique token identifiers; encoding of token attribute information; user-authenticated presentation transcripts; digital signing with ID Tokens; and, user-driven and verifier-driven revocation. The advanced features include: untraceability; unlinkability; hiding attribute information from verifiers; removing attribute information from presentation transcripts; hiding attribute information from issuers; protecting against transferring and discarding of ID Tokens (software-only); issuer-driven revocation; limiting reuse of ID Tokens; and a range of device-based security measures that can protect against any imaginable unauthorized actions with ID Tokens (without contravening their privacy properties). The white paper also explains how to use the U-Prove SDK to protect identity-related assertions in frameworks such as SAML, Liberty ID-WSF, and Windows CardSpace.