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How Many Home Pages?

I was trying to enter someone’s web address into Apple’s Address book recently. Unfortunately, Apple believes that you have a home page. This is at odds with almost all the other fields in Address Book. You can have lots of phone numbers. A profusion of email addresses. And one home page.

Me? I have a longstanding personal home page. I have this blog. I have a side consulting business. I have a personal journal. If I was working for a company, I’d have a corporate page. That’s five. Ooh, I have a page at Flickr, too, to share photos. So six. Unless you ask Address Book.

But dig those nice green plus signs. You have to figure, it would be pretty easy to add that to the other fields that are there.

Now, admittedly, I may be a little extreme in having six web pages one might call my home page. But I think that two or three (personal, professional, blog) is no longer unusual, especially amongst the Mac’s new target audience of tech executives. So come on Apple! Let’s have more home pages.

3 comments on "How Many Home Pages?"

  • Zooko says:

    What? Only one spouse? And no “-” button?

  • Nikita says:

    The +/- buttons only show up when you’ve filled something in; you can indeed fill in multiple spouses.

  • Val says:

    Ha! Once again, I’m not alone.. maybe I am closer than five sigmas from the mean…or perhaps i’ve just stumbled upon yet another outlier. Let’s see…one home page, two “corporate” pages, one “corporate” blog (hybrid top-down/bottom-up), another “corporate” blog, and one let it all hang out blog. They haven’t even thought of an address book for the likes of me yet…

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