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Way To Debate!

Since Choicepoint demonstrated that screening is hard, they’ve been repeating the phrase “We look forward to a national debate.” But at yesterday’s annual meeting, they once again failed to engage in that debate. The LA Times has an AP story “No Answers for ChoicePoint Shareholders” (Bugmenot, because no other paper has picked up the story, according to Google News.)
Or, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, “ChoicePoint boss deflects scam queries.” (Bugmenot)

In a quick and scripted annual shareholder meeting, ChoicePoint executives turned away any questions about the invasion of the company’s database by fraud artists.

But Smith said that because of investigations into the database scam, “we will not be taking questions relating to those matters in this annual meeting.”

It seems to me that understanding how management is handling these issues would be important to a shareholder.