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"Declaration of Repudiation?"

Dave Belfer-Shevett points to a Declaration Of Repudiation by Will Frank.

It starts out pretty well, but then degenerates into complaining about gay rights, abortion, sex ed and Kyoto. Yes, I say degenerates, even if I might agree with some of these, because they’re a distraction. Reagan and Bush Sr. were opposed to abortion rights and gay rights. Kyoto is an awful treaty that won’t affect global warming but will cost us the US economy billions. They are not unique crimes of the Bush administration.

But more importantly, there are a set of natural allies that Frank alienates by going there. If you’re going to complain about torture, government abuses of power, officialdom lying, nepotism, incompetence, and a naked power grab, then you have natural allies across the spectrum.

Not every concern needs airing in every post. Now let me tell you about Choicepoint…

4 comments on ""Declaration of Repudiation?""

  • Jamie says:

    I knew ChoicePoint was calling me a gay abortionist!

  • Jamie says:

    Oh, I just noticed this:
    Posted by adam at % X | Comments () | TrackBack | See what others say about this post with Technorati

    It is especially amusing to see the evolution of sprintf mistakes, via perl, via MT, in a security researcher’s blog. I’m so not singling you out, Adam – I do it too.

  • Adam says:

    Heh! 🙂
    Actually, it turns out that those aren’t quite a sprintf mistakes, they’re MT edit mistakes. MT uses a template driven system, and the “individual entry’ template that this screen uses was 200+ lines, most of which is Javascript for Typekey and remember me functions.
    So to edit it, rather than use the stupid little box MT provides, I copied it into emacs, and pasted it back in. (I know, its possible to use files, includes, etc, which at some point I might do.)
    Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Jamie says:

    I know is wasn’t a buffer overflow opportunity, I just thought it was funny. I built an MT site for a pal about a year ago. Cruftiest template language ever (except for all the others), IMHO – all the verbosity, none of the flexibility. When the next pal asked for a blog, I built them one in Mason, instead. It was actually less work to build it from scratch than dicking with the templates. (sure some of the features were missing, but who uses them?)
    Anyway, glad you’re still writing. We talked, some, back when the cypherpunks were still on toad.

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