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On airport advertising

airport-security.jpgVia Eric Rescorla, who has insightful comments, and Boingboing, we learn that “TSA Pilot Would Offer Ads at Airport Security Checkpoints.”
A few chaotic comments:

  • What authority does TSA have to sell advertising? Isn’t Congress supposed to fund their operations? The advertisers will “who will provide divestiture bins, divestiture and composure tables, and metal-free bin return carts at no cost to TSA.”
  • What company wants to be associated with treating the public like that? (Obvious answer: the cell phone companies, maybe the credit agencies, and used car salesmen.)
  • Will they accept advertising from the ACLU saying “Tired of intrusive searches? Please donate!”
  • How about the Libertarian party?
  • If this is acceptable, what level of advertising isn’t acceptable? Can Allstate fund police cars?

Photo, less tasteless than this proposal, is a RyanAir ad, which we covered in “New airport security procedures.”

[Update: new picture.]


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