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Twitter Updates from Adam, 2011-11-01

  • Short blog: "McWrap Chevre" #
  • RT @lorrietweet Why Johnny Can’t Opt Out: A Usability Evaluation of Tools to Limit Online Behavioral Advertising #
  • My personal email server is down because of the snow on the east coast. #
  • RT @STRATFOR If #Anonymous does #OpCartel it will almost certainly lead to deaths for members: << privacy is security #
  • RT @jeffreycarr The @STRATFOR analysis had some serious flaws by not recognizing Zetas' digital footprint nor Mexican hacker population #
  • .@EFF Pioneer Awards to a U.S. Senator, an encryption innovator & a Tunisian blogging group E < Congrats Ian, others! #
  • .@csoghoian Don't forget the lessons of ITAR. Export permits cost the world lots of good crypto security. (cc @pogowasright @AdamThierer) #
  • RT @sneakatdatavibe Why not #OccupyDHS have every flyer write SSSS on their boarding pass on a preselected day? Sounds like it would be fun #

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