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6th Workshop On Privacy Enhancing Technologies

privacy-enhancing-technology.jpgWe’ve announced the program for the 6th Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, and space is still available for registrants. The program is so cool that I’m not going to try to summarize it, but rather quote Kim Cameron (“SEE IF YOU CAN MAKE PET 2006“):

Here’s one conference I definitely won’t miss. I’ve been lucky enough to preview some of the papers. I guarantee that if you want to deepen your understanding of privacy enhancing technology, you should see if you can get to Cambridge at the end of June.

We’ve got a keynote from Susan Landau, we’ve got papers on Privacy and the real world, privacy policies, anonymous communication, traffic and location analysis, and private muti-party computation, authentication, and cryptography.

If you plan to go, you should book soon:

Please consider booking your accommodation AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The PET workshop is taking place at the same time as Cambridge’s “graduation” ceremonies, which means that there will be pressure on space. Even if you are not entirely sure you are coming, there is often no penalty if you book and then cancel later on.

Not-very-effective privacy enhancing technology photo from vago the artist.