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Choicepoint, March 21

  • Businessweek has an editorial, saying strong regulation is unlikely, but credit freezes, mandatory disclosure, and liability for breaches should come. (I’d argue that liability for inaccuracy, creating a duty to the subjects of a database should also be considered a floor for a new law.)
  • EPIC has written to the FTC, critiquing their testimony. (Via
  • It seems that Choicepoint owns, the company providing back-end data for investigate-your-date company (From the Desert Dispatch, via Kathryn Lord. Note that Choicepoint also has a bad habit of reporting erroneous criminal histories.
  • In the fallout department, IRBSearch has taken to truncating SSNs, according to The Daily Caveat, a PI blog.
  • Bob Sullivan at MSNBC turns a skeptical eye towards ID theft insurance and monitoring services.
  • Screendiscussion has some thoughtful and interesting discussion of background check related issues. His writing style resonates with me more than many of the other PI and screening industry folks who’ve blogs that I’ve come across.

The best way to see all my Choicepoint posts is probably the category archive for Choicepoint.

One comment on "Choicepoint, March 21"

  • Geoff says:

    I appreciate the above comment. Most of the blogs in this industry seem to be run by either companies or legal experts, and none of them seem to be very candid to me. There are plenty of things to reflect upon and a lot of facts that people don’t know about background checking and security.

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