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Will People Ever Pay for Privacy, Part XVI

Every now and then, a headline helps us see the answer to the question “Will people ever pay for Privacy?

A screen shot from the New York times with a headline of 33 acres of privacy for 65 million, and a picture of a sprawling house on a huge estate

Quoth the Paper of record:

The seclusion may be the biggest selling point of the estate belonging to Robert Hurst, a former executive at Goldman Sachs, which was just listed by Debbie Loeffler of the Corcoran Group for $65 million.

There’s more in the article.

One comment on "Will People Ever Pay for Privacy, Part XVI"

  • Joshbw says:

    I wish Google and Facebook has the equivalent of Hotmail Plus (or whatever it has been rebranded to this week) – I can’t really avoid FB if I want to use a social network (because the killer feature is actually having people you know use it), and nobody really makes a good competitor to Google Reader. I would pay to become their customer rather than their product

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