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Congrats to David Akin

I first met David Akin when he was covering Zero-Knowledge Systems, where I worked. David was always insightful, and even when he thought he saw us blowing smoke, he was pleasant about it. So I’m both disappointed and excited to see that he “will join CTV’s Ottawa bureau as a Parliamentary Reporter.” I sincerely hope that he’ll continue covering issues of liberty and privacy, and wish him the best.

One comment on "Congrats to David Akin"

  • David Akin says:

    Thanks, Adam —
    I think you could make the case that Zero-Knowledge, particularly in its earliest incarnations, was all about politics — about affecting societal change via software. It’s one of the reasons, I’m sure, that many of us in the media found the company and its mission so full of potential.
    I’d argue that I’m still covering “liberty and privacy” for those surely are the core catchwords for any Western political system.
    (But yes — I’m still a geek at heart and perhaps there’s an opportunity to create a Canadian version of what Declan’s been doing at Politech for all these years.)

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