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Framing Effects & Law Reviews

Framing effects are what a variety of types of academics call the variety of contextual effects on perception. For example, six months ago, this laptop went for $4800, and now it’s just $3,500! Similarly, law reviews, where lawyers write for each other, are usually exceptionally long, from my perspective. And so we get Orin Kerr saying:

Fun, Entertaining, Clever, and Short: Believe it or not, that’s a description of a forthcoming law review article. Yes, a law review article. Check out The Perfect Crime, by law prof Brian C. Kalt, forthcoming in the Georgetown Law Journal. It clocks in at 22 amusing double-spaced pages…

Yes, in law review-world, that’s short. In my world, this is slightly fun, mildly entertaining, clever in a sort of self-referentially post-modern fashion and short, at slightly over 22 words.