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15% of Oregonians at Risk from DMV

Police have a warning for anyone who did business with the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles in 1999 or 2000.

They say as many as a half-million stolen DMV records were found on a laptop during a methamphetamine bust Wednesday night at a southeast Portland apartment complex.

They allegedly discovered evidence of meth distribution and a computer full of personal profiles of hundreds of thousands of Oregonians. It includes names, birthdates and home addresses.

From KOIN news. 500,000 is 15% of the 2000 population of Oregon, but because Oregon hasn’t passed a Choicepoint law, those who might be at increased risk aren’t going to get notified.
In closely related news, the Oregon legislature wanted to collect more data, even ahead of the national REAL ID act.

As an aside, it’s not “business” one does with the DMV. When I patronize a business, I have a choice. When I’m threatened with legal penalties for not registering with the DMV, it’s “wasting a day.”