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Facebook and "your" photos

Facebook Changes Photo Memories to No Longer Show Your Ex-Boyfriends or Ex-Girlfriends:

In response to numerous complaints, Facebook has changed its Photo Memories sidebar module to no longer display friends who a user was formally listed as in a relationship with. [Sic]

But it’s not just about selective remembering because “Your Memories Will Be Rewritten.”

That’s right Ilsa, we’ll always have Paris. At least once we set our status to “It’s complicated.” Otherwise, Facebook will surpress it all. And we can remember that lovely Dom Pérignon™ we drank while we were there. It’s funny, I remember Louis bringing out something else and threatening to water his garden with it. I didn’t think we were drinking Dom, but it’s obviously there in our photos.

2 comments on "Facebook and "your" photos"

  • Rick says:

    Doesn’t it mean “formerly”. It doesn’t make sense as “formally”.

  • Adam says:

    I think by “formally” they mean “as defined in our database; having set ones status to “dating”

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