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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-04

  • RT @tedfrank If you're having trouble getting Sudafed, here's how to make it with more readily available crystal meth. #
  • RT @digiphile "Privacy breaches keep getting worse. Facebook admits reading txt msgs of users who installed phone app" #
  • RT @threatpost #Microsoft partners w/ Good Technology to bring encrypted email to Windows Phone. << "better than bad!" #
  • RT @f5networks @WhiteHatSec says 23% of breaches occurred via a backdoor/control channel #rsac << I want a @wadebaker/@jeremiahg panel #
  • RT @attractr REcon 2012 CFP is out: #recon2012 #
  • It occurs to me that what @sushidude needs is a Bayesian belief engine with belief updates from CVE, DBIR? #
  • RT @MSFTsdl Stop by at the #RSAC #Microsoft SDL station and get a threat modeling card game! #MSFTsdl #
  • RT @MikeIsaac TED 2012: New Browser Add-On Visualizes Who is Tracking You Online #
  • Ron Gula remembers Dom Brezinski asking about NT4 remote at the first @blackhat. #
  • "I don't see anything private about IOC or indicators of fraud." – Roland Cloutier, CSO ADP #
  • Good points from @rongula about automation in data sharing. #
  • RT @DennisF Good talk on incident response and metrics at #bsidessf Turns out measuring stuff works. Who knew? << (me!) #
  • RT @Beaker Marcus (Ranum) just came by with some awesome Guy Fawkes mask balloons. Brilliant. #
  • RT @rsingel Former FBI counter-terrorism officer rips into TSA for being useless: #
  • RT @chriseng Who has the best #rsac booth swag? < Microsoft. You all need to raise your game by shipping some games. 🙂 #
  • I'm saved in part because the @chriseng "Thought Leader" ribbons are not booth swag. #
  • RT @veracode "Tower defense" video game promotes our new reporting capabilities that deliver positive, reports. Play: #
  • RT @moxie I'm happy to announce that @GetAbine will be taking over the #GoogleSharing project: #
  • Maybe "Do Not Disturb" doesn't mean the same thing to me & the Westin Market St San Francisco. Is it under new management? #
  • RT @jnabryant @adamshostack you still need to get your RSA junk mail regardless << Hey, I'm the customer, not the product! 🙂 #
  • RT @ebellis agree w/ @jeremiahg on this, one of the best articles … #RSAC << how to test? Will failures know? Admit? #
  • RT @curphey Break kitten auth knowing dogs are normally photographed on green grass while cats indoors. Genius! #
  • MT @jenvalentino Should gov be able to block cellphone services for "ensuring public safety"? FCC, Egypt want to know. #
  • RT @maxinux @adamshostack And #BART .. << true. Damn it's hard to snark in 140! 😉 #

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