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Bush Fires Cherntoff

(CNN reports🙂 President Bush told reporters on Friday that millions of tons of food and water are on the way to the people stranded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina — but he said the results of the relief effort “are not acceptable.”

He then went on to fire DHS Secretary Cherntoff.

I’m such a kidder!. He really did say the relief effort was unacceptable, but didn’t qualify that. This President doesn’t fire people for failure.

2 comments on "Bush Fires Cherntoff"

  • NudeCybot says:

    Yeah I didn’t believe you, firings will only happen once things really start to fall apart for the Bush Administration which seems to be an unusually tightknit and complicitous bunch.
    In other Onion-like news, I hear that the recently declared WAR AGAINST MOTHER NATURE has been rebranded as a GLOBAL STRUGGLE AGAINST MOTHER NATURE in an attempt to be less inflamatory and reach out to a global audience of potential allies.
    Oh yeah the other reason is that fighting Mother Nature is an unwinnable war, and the US Govt doesn’t want to set itself up for failure, again.

  • Chris Walsh says:

    “The President doesn’t fire people for failure”.
    No, he awards them the Medal of Freedom.

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