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Two Quick Notes

I’d like to remind everyone that Emergent Chaos now has three people posting, not just Adam. I see comments and links that assume I’m writing everything here, which is a little demeaning to Chris and Arthur.

Also, I’d like to remind people that I maintain bookmarks of things I find interesting, but don’t have a lot to add. Various readers told me that the interesting longer posts were getting buried by those. I shifted them to the sidebar, but the flow is sort of unnatural, and I haven’t figured out design that I think works. (I’ve tried putting a “ticker style” feed across the top, but it doesn’t look right.) Anyway, you can subscribe to an RSS feed which includes my quick comments.

[Update: Based on feedback from several folks, I’ve made the “posted by” bits at the top the same size as the post bodies so they’re easier to see.]

4 comments on "Two Quick Notes"

  • Chris Walsh says:

    Having stuff I write attributed to you is probably more demeaning to you than it is to me :^)

  • beri says:

    I think the word “demeaning” is incorrect. It suggests that readers are deliberately insulting ARthur and Chris. I suspect it’s just taht your readers are not very observant about the words in smaller type.

  • Adam says:

    It’s demeaning insofar as it takes credit for work that they did, and treats them as meaningless cogs in the chaos. While I’m happy to be taking credit (mostly) for their work, its not fair, and its not the way I’d like to treat people.

  • Saar Drimer says:

    I’ve corrected my latest sin.
    Adam, no one is intentionaly taking credit away from people; this weblog is still mostly associated with you and any incomplete reference is surly due to an oversight.
    Thanks for pointing that out, though. In the future, it would probably best to refer to this weblog by name rather than its individual contributors.

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