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Choicepoint Roundup, March 2

  • A Canadian blogger, PIPEDA, points to Scott Bradner’s column at Network World, as well as an LA Times story (at Yahoo News) on an earlier breach. It’s a good thing California gave us 1386, or this would have been swept under the rug, too.
  • Stephan Brands at Identity Corner points to a column at DM Review, which argues that companies need an integrated privacy strategy, not law by law response.
  • Bruce Schneier comments on the words of Choicepoint’s CISO.
  • Declan McCullagh and Robert Lemos have a joint story at about the perfect storm for privacy.
  • The Open Society Paradox lists some possible benefits of the data warehouses. I don’t disagree, but believe that the companies need to take some responsibility for data quality.
    In the irony department, his comments are broken, so I’ll say here that I explicitly stated that loans were a different case than depositing my cash with a bank.

  • Kemplog has interesting comments on the future, including a bill requiring ID to vote. Who’s subjecting our basic rights to licensing? What happens if I’m not carrying ID while speaking freely?
  • PI News Link lists a number of bills that would affect all of our privacy, and in the process, make PI’s lives harder.
  • Jim Horning points to a SFGate story about a private individual who checks up on what the gossip mongers are saying, and finds that his address is available online, even though its in no public record.
  • Finally, today’s Two Minutes Hate comes as Constantpated asks, if there’s all this data, why isn’t it protecting us?

[All my Choicepoint posts can be found here. Update: Forgot to attend TMH! Oh no! It’s Room 101 for me.]

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