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Million Dollar Blog Post

My friend Austin Hill has put up the Million Dollar Blog Post. They, and their sponsors, will donate up to a million dollars to charity, at $1 per comment.

I think charity is tremendously important. I’ve been lucky enough to have a set of skills that are well rewarded in today’s world. (I’m reminded of a joke Warren Buffet tells, of what would have happened if he were a cave man: as he runs from a saber-toothed tiger, he yells, “But I can allocate capital efficiently!”) I’m lucky enough to have missed many of the horrors of the twentieth century.

Some of the organizations I give to include:

If you’re reading this blog, odds are good you’re employed in the sort of job that allows you to surf the Internet. Which puts you in an excellent position to spend a few more minutes surfing the web, and donating to worthy causes and those less fortunate than you.

Why not start with the Million Dollar Blog Post, and go on from there?

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One comment on "Million Dollar Blog Post"

  • Austin Hill says:

    Thanks for the post Adam. As soon as you have your receipts up online somewhere (I don’t think I need to remind YOU to remove identifying information do I 🙂 we can list Emergent Chaos as a sponsor for however many wishes you choose.
    Looking forward to seeing your wish for the world and your blog among our sponsors.

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