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"It's the Medicine Talking"

Dr Jim Swan, a consultant to the drinks industry, said: “There has been much in the news about the health benefits of antioxidants in red wine. By contrast, very little has been said about malt whisky distillery science.

“However, research has shown that there are even greater health benefits to people who drink single malt whiskies. Why? Single malt whiskies have more ellagic acid than red wine.”

Speaking at the EuroMedLab conference in Glasgow, he said ellagic acid absorbed rogue cells in the body. “So, whether you indulge in the odd tipple, or you are a serious connoisseur, whisky can protect you from cancer and science proves it,” he said.

I am clearly attending the wrong conferences.

(From The Telegraph, via Michael Froomkin. Private to MF: “As your attorney, I advise you to take lots of Laphroig.”)

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