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TSA Can’t Keep a Secret

Alternate title: “If schadenfreude is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

Ryan Singel reports that the “TSA Lost Sensitive Data on 100,000 Employees.” This is the same agency which wants to collect all your personal data so they can deny you the right to get on a plane without any sort of legal proceedings. You know, for all those people who are too dangerous to travel, but not dangerous enough to arrest.

A hard drive containing sensitive information including social security numbers and bank account information on 100,000 Transportation Security Administration employees has gone missing from its headquarters and the FBI has been notified, according to a 7 p.m. EST [Friday] press release from the agency.

Remember, you have a few days left to stop REAL ID. If you do, the TSA’s next lost laptop will contain less data about you.

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