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Choicepoint, March 16

  • The House Energy and Commerce committee held hearings. Thanks to Ryan Singel for letting me know they were webcast. Payments News points to the written testimonies of Choicepoint and LexisNexis

    “Let me begin by offering an apology on behalf of our company and my own personal apology to those consumers whose information may have been accessed by the criminals whose fraudulent activity ChoicePoint failed to prevent.” Smith said.

    “What we’re hearing today is an industry still in denial, still doesn’t recognize how many Americans value their privacy and are hoping to ride out this standard without having Congress make the changes necessary,” said Markey.

    And what a convoluted apology! How about “to those Americans who are worried about identity theft because we made a mistake?”

  • Hearing coverage from: Declan McCullagh
    (CNET), Bob Sullivan (MSNBC), or Ryan Singel (Secondary Screening).

  • During the hearing, Mr. Kurt P. Sanford, President and CEO, U.S. Corporate and Federal Government Markets, LexisNexis, mentioned a form that allows special classes of people (law enforcement officers, public officials whose job carries a threat of imminent harm; victims of identity theft; or those who “are at risk of physical harm.”) to get out of the databases. However, that form is not only obscure, in that you have to know that LN offers such a thing, the form is hard to find. It’s here.
  • The Contracts Blog posts a bunch of contracts that may interest you. (Actually, he posted this way back in February, but I’d missed it.)
  • PI News and Information sees the risk to their profession, and also carries a press release from the National Council of Investigation and Security Services.
  • Finally, today’s Two Minutes Hate comes to you from Congressman Ed Markey (.doc) or listen to the mp3.

My previous Choicepoint coverage includes roundups and analysis.