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Small Bits on Privacy

  • Larry Ponemon has a good article in Computerworld, “After a privacy breach, how should you break the news?:”

    We learned that about one-third of subjects believed that the notification was truthful. Another 41% believed that the notice they received failed to communicate all the facts. The remaining 26% were unsure about the integrity or honesty of the message being conveyed.

    Its chock-full of good advice on the new rules of responding to a breach.

  • Perry Metzger has an essay on why Americans don’t like ID cards thats worth reading.
  • Kim Cameron captures an article by Eric Norlin on “The red herring of data protection.” Eric comments that the real problem is people asking for, and storing too much data.
  • The Washington Post has a long article on “Online Data Gets Personal: Cell Phone Records for Sale, discussing how, even though there’s no legal way to get the data, lots of people will sell your calling records.