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Your Questionable Content

A couple of people have mentioned that something in the comment posting code is rejecting their comments for “questionable content.” I’m very sorry, and am working with my fine technical support staff to try to solve it. If this happens to you, please email me: emergentchaos & gmail & com, and I’ll try to post your comment.

Again, my apologies. I think this is a small number of commenters, but have no way of knowing.

3 comments on "Your Questionable Content"

  • Perhaps it is your bad-words-in-javascript-engine?
    Oh, you do it server-side.
    Perhaps it is all of those cookies and domains in your javascript?

  • Justin Mason says:

    Insert obligatory SpamAssassin comment about instituting anti-spam measures without measuring against a corpus of known-good and known-bad samples first 😉

  • Axel says:

    I got hit, too, with my last comment. I just expanded the comment slightly and that helped.

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