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Twitter Updates from Adam, 2011-10-27

  • RT @PogoWasRight Congressman: Secret Report On #TSA Pat Downs, Body Scanner Failures Will “Knock Your Socks Off” #
  • RT @peterhoneyman i fly DTW where they are testing chat down. i opt out and clam up. they get all dour and nasty. #
  • RT @e3i5: Every picture ULed to Facebook is examined for possible matches with offenders, & referred to police <<wow #
  • RT @joshwolf More on Scott Olsen, the Iraq war veteran, who's skull was fractured last night after being shot by OPD. #
  • RT @youthprivacy PhotoDNA actually looks for reported pics of abuse (to stop their transmission), not for offenders themselves (I think) #
  • MT @Chris_Moody TSA worker who wrote "Get your freak on" & taped it to a traveler's vibrator is [still employed] #

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