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Can't Win? Re-define losing the TSA Way!

We were surprised last week to see that the GAO has issued a report certifying that, “As of April 2009, TSA had generally achieved 9 of the 10 statutory conditions related to the development of the Secure Flight program and had conditionally achieved 1 condition (TSA had defined plans, but had not completed all activities for this condition).”

Surprised, that is, until we we saw how the GAO had defined (re-defined?) those statutory conditions in ways very different from what we thought they meant, or what we think Congress thought they meant.

Read the details at “GAO moves the goalposts to “approve” Secure Flight

One comment on "Can't Win? Re-define losing the TSA Way!"

  • Chris says:

    I, for one, welcome our new “Success 2.0” overlords, and remind them I can be of use implementing their “cloud-based” compliance initiatives.

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