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More Toys: Suicide Bomber Barbie

Yes, its suicide bomber Barbie! Click the picture for a few more views.

Toy supplier Shuki Toys, responsible for the distribution of the stickers, said in response, “We were very surprised to see the stickers in the shop, the several sheets of stickers have been pulled of the shelves.”

“We check all the stickers, thousands of them. We must have missed these ones. If we would have seen the stickers earlier, obviously we would not have distributed them. The stickers were only distributed to the one store.”

(Read the story, New for children: Blonde ‘bombshell’,” or if you prefer, “משחק: כך מוכרים בארץ “בובה מתאבדת.”)

Something about the store’s reaction reminds me of ““The Offending Articles Will Be Disposed Of,” although I’m certainly not claiming any equivalence between the offending items.

While I’m talking about the glorification and normalization of suicide-murder, Second Draft has a long investigation of what’s in the raw footage taken by “Palestinian photographers working for major western media outlets.” Unfortunately, it’s either Windows Media or large DIVX downloads. It’s fascinating and disturbing viewing.