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Want to Save American Lives?

Do you want to save American lives? Stop senseless deaths? Here’s some ideas:

  • Require real driver training, and enforce traffic laws.
  • Ration the sale of alcohol to prevent the nasty diseases over-indulgence causes.
  • Ban tobacco.
  • Ban firearms.
  • Require calisthenics in the morning, by neighborhood, and in the afternoon, at work.
  • Ban the use of corn syrup as a sweetener, leading to slimmer, healthier Americans.
  • Impose a national ID card, creating a slim possibility that you’ll catch a terrorist sometime in the next year.

Guess which one Congress is on top of?

Incidentally, I’m not in favor of any of these, except maybe enforcing the traffic laws. Most Americans would look at every item there, and say, that’s an infringement on people’s right to decide how to live their lives. And they’d be right.