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Removing Excel Macros?

I have a document where I started to create a macro, then realized that some clever search and replace would work. So I stopped creating the macro. But now, the document (which I share with others) has a macro in it. Sure, its possible to open with macros disabled, but I’d like to remove the thing, so that I don’t contribute to dialog-box numbness and errors.

Is there a way to remove a macro from a document using Excel X for Mac?

5 comments on "Removing Excel Macros?"

  • You should be able to do it with the macro editor. Failing that, copy the entire spreadsheet and paste it into a new one.

  • Adam says:

    Under Tools menu, Macros |> Macros… there’s a delete function, but it only works if macros are enabled. Seems to me that I should be able to delete a macro when they’re disabled.

  • Adam says:

    So having done that, the macro warning pops up, and there are no macros that I can find. hmmm.

  • Orvo Miettinen says:

    This is what stops Excel assuming there are macros in the worksheet: Go to Tools menu, Macro, Visual Basic Editor. In “Projects” window Ctrl-click “Module1” of the worksheet, choose Remove Module1…, and answer Yes. Press Apple-Q to return to the worksheet and save it.

  • Adam says:

    Thanks, Orvo, that works! Let me add that “remove module” is under the file menu, and that you need to quit the Visual Basic editor to return to Excel (which I found sort of non-intuitive.)

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