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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-19

  • RT @csoghoian If Path-like apps that pilfered user contact data suffered a data breach, existing laws wouldn't require disclosure to users. #
  • New quickie blog: Bismark's Voice #
  • RT @paulmadsen Sharingfreude, n. – pleasure derived from inadvertent sharing of personal information on social media by friends & colleagues #
  • .@dakami @jeremiahg @tqbf see also Carl Ellison's work on "Ceremony Analysis"– it's broader than a ux issue, into mental models #
  • Bruce Schneier was kind enough to link my "Dear Verisign, Trust Requires Transparency" blog post so I've updated it #
  • Short form: We still don't know who knew what when about the Verisign breach #
  • Bruce Schneier was kind enough to link my "Dear Verisign, Trust Requires Transparency" blog post so I updated it #
  • RT @lennyzeltser An example of an SMS #phishing message that pursues Verizon Wireless logon credentials: #
  • RT @jeremiahg "Senate Passes Bill Allowing Airports To Evict TSA Screeners" <an airport w/o TSA is very attractive #
  • RT @FAQShop [TechNet Blogs] Elevation of Privilege – we made a card game for developers! Welcome to Tuesday article #
  • I'm looking for interesting analysis of the Collins-Leiberman security bill: #
  • "Cheating is encouraged" #
  • RT @PrivacyMemes Twitter Is The Latest Company To Admit It Uploads Your Address Book < Time for a law? A tort? #
  • Wow, the new Twitter is both ugly and less customer-centered. #FAIL #
  • RT @KimZetter TSA Denies it Targets Attractive Female Passengers for Body Scans << Except the claim was "nice figure" #
  • RT @mtanji @KimZetter Of course there is no "policy" to target the hawtness, that's merely the practice once humans are put in the loop. #
  • RT @BlackHatEvents Black Hat EU 2012 Schedule is out! #
  • RT @MSFTsdl The Evolution of Elevation: Threat Modeling in a #Microsoft World by @danaepp #security #
  • RT @singe Worried about AddressBook privacy on iOS? Check out AdiOS & Gorilla (latter requires JB) #
  • RT @rsingel .@jerrybrito on how transparency might be better for infrastructure security than regulation: < like #
  • RT @singe Have any of you ever worked on a project where privacy controls were part of the requirements spec? << both at ZKS & Microsoft #
  • RT @Wh1t3Rabbit I think I have a new game for those speakers coming to OWASP AppSecAPAC …shoot me a note if you want to play < yay, games! #

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